DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Lives changed through donations

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -- It's Domestic Violence Awareness month and experts say staffing and funding for abuse shelters is rapidly declining. 

Making Magic is a small three year old organization, created to help other small organizations.  This time around they are reaching out to Be Alright - a group that helps victims of domestic abuse and the shelters they live in.

One in four women and one in seven men in the US will become the victim of domestic violence.

For her protection we can't share her face or name, but this domestic violence victim wants her voice to be heard.

“I want to share with other women so they can do it in time before it's too late, before it's too late for their life for their children,” said the victim.

The mother of one says life in a shelter can be a challenge.  The fresh start comes with no personal belongings and fear of your former life.

“We need everything like clothes and shoes.  Children grow up so fast so I appreciate when people have a good heart and make donations,” she said. “They make donations of shoes and clothes and that's what we are wearing every day.”

That's where organizations like Making Magic come into play.

“One day three of my friends got together and I asked them if we could go real.  So here we are Making Magic,” said founder Michele Rust.

In three years they've helped a school buy 1,500 books and now they are working with Be Alright, an organization that works with six Chicago domestic violence shelters.

“What a lot of the women and families need when they move in are things as simple as a toothbrush to a comfortable bed to sleep in,” said Sonia Oyola founder of Be Alright.

This week Making Magic will host an event to raise money for Be Alright.  The money will go straight to the victims and whatever they need.  Things like schoolbags and supplies for children also living in domestic abuse shelters.

“It's an example of how a small community of people, making just small and simple gestures connecting with one another, can make a huge impact on people's lives,” said Oyola.

“That's why I’m thankful for the donators that help us and our children so we have a roof and we have food and we are working on the process and I’m just happy,” said the victim.

The event will be held on Tuesday, October 6th at Moe's Cantina in Chicago.