Dozens get vaccinated at charter school in Chicago's Austin neighborhood

On Saturday, 81 Chicagoans got vaccinated at a charter school in the city's Austin neighborhood.

"The Austin community was one that was the hardest hit by the covid pandemic, to come to places like this to do mass vaccinations like this is huge" said Dr. Heather Bergdahl of Loretto Hospital.

The COVID-19 vaccination event was held at Moving Everest Charter School for educators and for people associated with the "By the Hand Kids Club."

"We have to make sure we vaccinate people in Chicago in high-risk communities so we can have more opportunities for people to see that it's ok to take the vaccine," said State Rep. Lashawn Ford (D-Chicago). 


Pastor Christopher Montgomery of By the Hand Austin was one of those who got the shot.

"I was always apprehensive about it from the beginning, but when this opportunity came along, I said, 'Why not,'" Montgomery said.