Driver plows into grandmother, toddler in marked San Jose crosswalk

A San Jose grandmother was pushing a stroller in a marked crosswalk when a driver barreled through the intersection, knocking her and her three-year-old grandson over.

The driver kept going.

Home security cameras captured the incident, which occurred in the 3200 block of Sierra and Mauna Kea Lane Tuesday evening.

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The unidentified woman, 68, is in an intensive care unit at a local hospital with three broken ribs and a broken shoulder, according to the victim's daughter-in-law and mother of the three-year-old boy who was also injured.

The toddler has a scar and bruise on his head, the child's mother said.

"I couldn’t believe it happened," she said. "I cannot think of how anyone could drive like that."

Cameras outside of Yong Oin's house captured the hit-and-run from two different angles.

"I know her. Every day, she walks around this way and takes her grandchildren to the high school track," Oin said.

"Cars like this one don’t even stop," Oin said.

Sierra Road is a four-lane street that runs from the East San Jose Foothills to East Capitol Expressway.

Neighbors said drivers routinely speed down the street and ignore the blinking crosswalk lights and pedestrians.

"Crossing this street is by far one of the most hazardous things. People barrel down this road," said neighbor Eddie Herrera.

Some residents said more than a crosswalk is needed along the busy stretch of roadway. 

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"A traffic light I think is better," Oin suggested.

Vision Zero San Jose is working to end vehicle pedestrian collisions. 

"We're facing an unprecedented year for traffic fatalities and pedestrians are making up the biggest group of victims, more than any other group," said Jesse Mintz-Roth of Vision Zero San Jose. 

San Jose police said the involved vehicle appears to be a dark gray hatchback.