Gunfire claims the life of reformed man mentoring Chicago's youth

A man who turned his life around and was working to mentor Chicago’s youth was the latest victim of gun violence in the city. 

"He was not just a 61-year-old man that got gunned down on the streets of Chicago. He was very well-loved, very well-liked," said Sandra Mims as tears streamed down her face.  

Her husband, Mark Johnson, was caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting on Friday.  

The four bullets that struck him, took his life.  Johnson had been working for an organization that mentored young men.  

He was outside a church, in Back of the Yards, getting ready to take one of his mentees home, when someone opened fire.  


Police said the 16-year-old that Johnson was assisting, was the target.  He was wounded. 

Johnson’s wife said he knew the risks of his job but thought the reward was much greater.   

"He has three boys and he changed his life around so that he could better his life to better his kids' life.  So his whole journey was about helping these young men that are lost. They are lost. Somebody got to step up," said Mims.  

Chicago police have no one in custody for the shooting.  

Johnson’s wife believes more mental health treatment for Chicago’s youth will help them turn their lives around and prevent senseless shootings like this one.