'Human car wash': Man invents shower tool that does the scrubbing for you

Do you find yourself getting in the shower in the morning and just standing under the water? If you answered yes, this invention by a man in Finland might be the thing you never knew you needed.

The shower tool, appropriately named “Humanwash,” is a rotating brush that allows people to wash themselves without wasting any time or energy.

The “human car wash” was developed by Finnish engineer Matti Paaso, according to The Sun. Paaso told the newspaper that it took him more than three years and four different prototypes to get it right.

“I couldn't find anything like this when I was doing my research on YouTube,” Paaso said.

Like a car wash, the moving scrubber is powered by two motors and moves up and down — washing everything from the top of your head, to your underarms, to the back of your legs.

"The user can wash their entire body in two or three minutes, but as the brushes are designed for a gentle massage the normal washing time is about 10 minutes,” Paaso explained to the Sun.

The machine was designed for the elderly or people with mobility issues who might prefer to bathe by themselves without the help of a nurse or other care provider.

Younger, active people “who from time to time may prefer a machine-assisted showering experience (for instance, due to sore muscles),” could also benefit from the Humanwash, the company's website suggests.

The patented human washing machine can be installed in homes, hospitals, nursing homes, gyms or even near a swimming pool. All that's required is for the machine to be mounted next to a shower. It comes with a 40-liter container to store individual brushes.

Paaso told The Sun that one of the prototypes was tested at a hospital for a month and “they loved it.”

Operation of the system seems pretty straightforward, too. The machine has large buttons to start, stop and move it up and down. It also comes with a timer that stops the machine after every 10 minutes of use “for added safety,” the website reads.

If you like what you've read so far, the Humanwash is listed online for $5,300.

In an email, Paaso said they do not have any machinery in stock at the moment, but estimated that delivery time would be “about three months” once they begin selling the Humanwash.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.