Illinois man creates pumpkins of Pritzker, Bailey ahead of Halloween

A LaSalle man is giving them "pumpkin" to talk about. 

Ahead of this year's election, he has created some very realistic elected officials. 

In John Kettman's world — you go big or ‘gourd’ home.

Kettman says it took 32 hours to make pumpkins of Gov. J.B. Pritzker and his Republican competitor state Sen. Darren Bailey. 


 Some of the materials, however, were a bit challenging.

"I didn't know what to use for Darren Bailey's hair because it was really short.  So I cut the stem off, and I ended up using a wolf man mask.  So I cut the mask off and after I got it glued he basically looked like a punk rocker, so I had to rip it all off and I went to a goodwill store and I found a tan teddy bear," said Kettman.

He's known for his famous "Trumpkin," but you can see his creations are bipartisan.

Kettman says the pumpkins are made of foam, so they'll last forever.  

He already knows who is going to be on his doorstep come Halloween — Nancy Pelosi.