Illinois man used position as Naval Recruiter to sexually assault high school girls: police

An Illinois man has been charged after allegedly using his position as a Naval Recruiter to sexually assault high school girls last year.

Bryan M. Bradley-Hubbard, 25, of Machesney Park was charged with four counts of child enticement and three counts of sexual assault of a child.

According to police, Bradley-Hubbard is a Naval Recruiter, and was assigned to the Janesville Naval Recruitment Office located at 2900 Deerfield Dr. in Wisconsin.

Bradley-Hubbard began recruitment efforts at a local high school in fall of 2021. 

According to police, he used his position as a Naval Recruiter to gain access to juvenile females, and obtain personal information.

Several conversations allegedly occurred through Snap Chat as well as other social media sources.


Bradley-Hubbard is accused of having unwanted sexual contact with at least two juvenile females and attempted sexual contact with another.

In each report, Bradley-Hubbard told the juvenile females that he was 18 years old, when he was actually 25, police said.

He was also responsible for recruiting at other area schools in Rock County and surrounding areas.

If anyone has further information related to Bradley-Hubbard, you are asked to contact the Janesville Police Department at 608-755-3100 or Janesville Area Crime Stoppers at 608-756-3636.