Illinois Senate votes to repeal law that requires girls under 18 to notify parents when seeking an abortion

A debate pitting abortion rights versus parental rights has now moved to the Illinois House. 

This follows a vote in the Illinois Senate to dump a law that requires parents to be notified before their minor children get abortions.

While the country waits for the Supreme Court to rule on controversial abortion limits, Illinois democrats say the time is now to repeal this restriction.

"If there was a time to reinforce Illinois is a pro-choice state, it would be right now," said State Rep. Margaret Croke (D)12th District.

The Illinois Senate has voted to repeal the law that requires parents or guardians to be notified when girls under 18 seek an abortion.  

It's a debate that brought faith leaders to Springfield.

"It is not even a religious issue, it is a matter of parental rights and the best interest of children," said Bishop Thomas Paprocki from the Springfield Diocese.

The repeal bill narrowly passed in the senate, with some moderate democrats siding with the republicans who say this is about parental rights.


"This bill is a slap in the face of thousands of parents who want nothing more than to be able to support their child when making these difficult decisions," said State Senator Sue Rezin, (R) 38th District.

But the ACLU of Illinois argues not all minors can safely talk to their parents. Since the law went in effect 8 years ago, the ACLU has represented 575 young people who went to court, to bypass telling a guardian.

"Who would ever want to go see a judge and have to explain personal, intimate details about your life and your family and reproductive decision making. It's sort of heartbreaking to have to tell young people they have to go through this process, " said Emily Werth, ACLU of Illinois staff attorney.