Will County man allegedly fired crossbow into neighbor's home who owed him $60, threatened to kill him

Winston P. Hart | Will County Sheriffs Office

A Joliet man was arrested last week after allegedly shooting a crossbow into his neighbor's home over a money dispute.

Winston P. Hart, 36, has been charged with unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon,

At about 6 p.m. on May 11, a Joliet police officer responded to the 800 block of Taylor Street for a person walking in an alley with a crossbow, prosecutors said. Additionally, the officer was notified about a physical fight that occurred in the 400 block of Raynor Street.

When the officer arrived, he noticed other officers already at the scene with someone detained, later identified as Hart.

Hart's shirt was ripped, and he was bleeding from several places on his head, prosecutors said. Police also detected a strong odor of alcohol on his breath.

Hart was yelling at another man and allegedly stated several times that he wanted to kill him.

The man, identified as one of Hart's neighbors, spoke to police and stated that he owed Hart $60. He also said that Hart threatened to harm him physically in January if he didn't pay him back. However, the neighbor said he hadn't heard anything further from Hart until May 11.

That day, Hart allegedly showed up at the neighbor's house holding a crossbow. Hart then allegedly raised the crossbow toward his neighbor and discharged an arrow in his direction.

After discharging the first arrow, Hart allegedly readied another in an attempt to discharge again, prosecutors said.

Officers noted that an arrow was found lodged in the ceiling of the neighbor's home.

Before discharging again, the neighbor allegedly took Hart to the ground and struck him with a closed fist.

The man then told Hart to stay on the ground and went back into his apartment to call the police.

Hart then got back on his feet and began to strike the neighbor, who then took Hart to the ground again and held him until police arrived, prosecutors said.

The neighbor told police that Hart was trying to discharge a second arrow. When police looked at the crossbow, they determined that an arrow was ready to be discharged, prosecutors said.

The neighbor suffered minor injuries to his hands and refused medical attention. He also told officers the incident was unprovoked and that he had no idea Hart was going to his residence.

The state's request to detain Hart pre-trial was denied. 

His next court date is scheduled for May 24.