Aurora man, his 2 sisters get prison sentences for battering police officer during traffic stop

Paul Sherrod Taylor

An Aurora man has been sentenced to prison for threatening and battering a police officer in 2021.

Paul Sherrod Taylor, 32, was found guilty earlier this year of aggravated battery to a police officer, threatening a public official, aggravated assault of a police officer and resisting a peace officer.

On June 21, 2021, Aurora Police Officer J. Miranda conducted a traffic stop on a silver Toyota Camry after observing it disobey a stop sign.

The vehicle was driven by Taylor. His sisters, Jennifer Taylor and Sheba Taylor, were passengers in the vehicle.

After pulling into a private driveway, Officer Miranda approached the driver and within seconds, Sheba Taylor exited the vehicle and refused to get back in — despite being lawfully ordered to do so by Officer Miranda.

Sheba Taylor then aggressively approached and threatened the officer, prosecutors said.

Officer Miranda then ordered Sherrod Taylor to get back into the vehicle, which he refused to do.

Officer Miranda then attempted to place Sherrod Taylor in handcuffs for obstruction of a peace officer. However, Sherrod Taylor shoved him and fled.

Officer Miranda engaged in a foot pursuit with Sherrod Taylor, and at some point, Sherrod Taylor stopped, turned around and aggressively faced off with the officer by putting up his fists in a fighting stance while yelling at the officer to "keep running, boy."

Officer Miranda decided not to engage with Sherrod Taylor until back-up officers arrived, prosecutors said.

As Officer Miranda turned to walk toward his squad car, he was met by Jennifer and Sheba Taylor, who attacked him.

As Officer Miranda attempted to gain control over Sheba Taylor to arrest her for obstruction, both sisters resisted and struck him repeatedly.

While the sisters attacked Officer Miranda, Sherrod Taylor called 911 and threatened the officer to a 911 dispatcher, stating multiple times that he would "kill" him unless police arrived immediately.

He could also be heard on the 911 call repeatedly screaming, "I'm going to kill you, b----" to Officer Miranda.

Aurora officers arrived on the scene and observed Sheba Taylor sitting on Officer Miranda's chest and neck while simultaneously being held down by Jennifer Taylor.

The sisters had to be physically removed from Officer Miranda's body by other officers.

Jennifer and Sheba Taylor were each sentenced to 120 days of imprisonment in the Kane County Jail, 200 hours of community service and four years of probation in April of this year.

Sherrod Taylor was sentenced to three years of imprisonment in the Illinois Department of Corrections. He is eligible for day-for-day sentencing.

Taylor must pay all appropriate fines, fees and costs. He also receives credit for 3 days served in the Kane County jail.