Italian American community calls for resignation of Chicago alderwoman over alleged racist comments

The Italian American community is calling for the resignation of a Chicago alderwoman for what they're calling racist comments.

The anger is over a multiple-choice poll that Ald. Rossana Rodriguez recently tweeted, asking "What's the best way to honor Italian heritage in Chicago?"

Her choices: Italian ice monument, a Bialetti monument, a Columbus statue, or other.


The Italian American Human Relations Foundation says the poll enticed insensitive and disrespectful comments on Italian Americans living in Chicago.

The group's president says Italian Americans are often told to just laugh it off, but he says it's not funny when the contributions of Italian Americans are diminished.

"The Italian Americans were the highest number of men and women in the armed services during World War I and II, so we've contributed greatly to the makings of the city of Chicago and the makings of this great country, preserving it. But we're not different than any other ethnic group that has come here. We've all strived to work alongside of each other," said Lou Rago, Italian American Human Relations Foundations president.