Large fires break out overnight in Gary

A former high school and an empty apartment building went up in flames early Wednesday in Gary, Indiana.

The fires strained the resources of the Gary Fire Department. The state fire marshal and other investigators came to the scene to put the fires out, but they are very concerned about them reigniting. 

The report of a fire at the old Emerson High School came in at 3 a.m., with firefighters arriving to find a bright orange glow coming from the gymnasium from the floor through the roof. They extended a ladder truck to attack the flames, and it took quite a while to get under control. 

In fact, the roof collapsed. There was serious concern about the walls falling down and bricks flying out, also with roofing material inside hotspots could flame up. 


There was a second fire at an unoccupied apartment building near 11th Avenue and Fillmore Street, just a few minutes away right after the first fire. Officials said construction work was being done there. 

It, too, was a large volume of fire and might have been suspicious in nature. A witness reported seeing people running away from that unoccupied building.

There is no word from city officials on the official cause of the fires.