Man in fuchsia business suit climbs into volcano to take a selfie

A barefoot Yemeni man in a fuchsia business suit climbed down the edge of a volcano to take a selfie.

A video filmed by Yemeni photographer Mohammed Al-Hakemy shows Moheeb Al-Sadek climbing down the rim of Jabal Hamman Demt, a 4,900-foot-tall volcano in the Al-Dhalea province.

The footage shows Al-Sadek in a fuchsia-colored business suit, holding onto a wall of the volcano with his bare hands and feet, an arm stretched out to take a selfie.

The video then zooms out to reveal his position relative to the rest of the volcano, suggesting the dangerous nature of the adventure.

At the end of the video, Al-Sadek said that he “felt normal” while climbing down the volcano. He later told a Jordanian TV channel that he had been climbing mountains since he was a child, and that it was a rather normal feat for him.

Al-Sadek advised others not to follow his example, as it is dangerous without prior experience.

This story was reported in Los Angeles.