Marist HS students upset with this year's prom rules

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It’s prom season, which means high school juniors and seniors are making plans and of course, deciding what to wear.

But at one Southwest Side high school, some say the rules for this year's dance are putting a damper on the event before it even happens.

"You know we're seniors, gonna’ be with our friends, it's our last big thing before graduation,” said student Ravin McMorris.

Marist High School students McMorris and Camaree Braun are counting down to May 13th. Part of their prom preps include a mandatory meeting for both parents and students to go over the rules this year. One of the rules, though, is that nobody can go stag, meaning you must have a date to get in the door.

“It may be hard for people who don't have boyfriends, but it's something that when you sign up for this school, it's just part of it,” said McMorris.

Marist staff showed a power point to parents this week, and then posted it online. The purpose of it is to ensure a safe and appropriate evening.

The date rule aside, some parents saw another concern: the dress code.

"Marist seems to have a pretty high standard of restrictions, unlike most schools, but we have plenty of options for girls to buy dresses,” said Roy Surdej.

Roy Surdej owns Peaches on South Archer Avenue, where you'll have no problem finding something that passes the Marist test. But you may have to sacrifice a trend or two.

“This is very conservative, full back, full front, full sleeves,” Surdej said.

But is policy too strict? Some moms out prom shopping Wednesday weighed in.

“This is inappropriate. As a mom with three girls, you have to draw the line,” one mom said.

After all, there is plenty of time for these girls to grow up, for now.

“As long as you can still look pretty in your dress and still feel beautiful, that's all it's about,” McMorris added.