Metra officials try to reassure suburban residents dangerous gate is fixed

The videos are shocking and scary: drivers in suburban Mokena almost getting killed by Metra trains because of a malfunctioning gate.

Metra officials say they've investigated problems at all crossings in the town multiple times and assured residents that the issue is solved. However, the broken gate and the tremendous risk to the public were the focus of a meeting Tuesday night in Frankfort. 

Everything initially happened in November. An officer was coming up to the Metra tracks when the lights and stop arm malfunctioned because of an electrical short. The officer swerved as the train went by at 52 miles per hour.

Within 90 minutes, the same thing happened two more times. Metra now says they've investigated the crossing at 191st Street in Mokena at least seven times and have found no problems.

The public safety forum held at Lincoln-Way East High School about the incident was a time for residents to direct their concerns at Metra officials. 

“What are you going to do to ensure the safety and well-being of my family so we can safely travel to the church, to the grocery store, to parks?” asked Margaret Farina, of Frankfort. “That's the most important thing, people's families and their well-being.”

FOX 32 spoke to Mokena’s police chief who says his department has received complaints about issues with the gates at other railroad crossings, which he says he passed on to Metra for investigation.