Missing cat returns home, alerts doorbell camera

A missing cat wanted to let her family know she had returned when she alerted the home's doorbell camera. 

Lilly, the 8-year-old feline, went missing from her Long Island, New York home for almost a week but returned on August 14. 

The video showed Lilly reaching over the camera and meowing, alerting the homeowners, Stefanie Whitley and Efrain Leandry, that someone was at the door. 

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"Our family was ecstatic, emotional, and hysterical when she came home," Whitley told Storyful.

Whitley said Lilly knows how the doorbell system works. 

"Lilly is aware of the camera, and looks towards the door when there is [a] notification," Whitley said.

Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.