New Gap Kids ad is being called out as racist

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A new Gap Kids ad features members of an all-female dance troupe who have made it their mission to promote the importance of girl power. But not everyone is so happy about the ad, reported Trish Regan. Some critics have complained that the African-American girl seems to be serving as a prop, or "furniture,” since another girl is resting her arm on her head.

“There are some people in this country who will see racism in everything,” Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli said. “If there wasn’t a child of color in the ad, it would be racist. If there’s a child of color in the ad, it’s racist. You can’t win.”

Borelli said people should focus on the fact that “four adorable young girls are doing what they do best.”

Regan pointed to another Gap Kids ad from last year, where an African-American girl is seen resting her elbow on a Caucasian girl. The roles are reversed, and there was “no uproar about that one,” Regan pointed out.

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