Oak Park gas station owners sue village board for forcing them to close overnight

The owners of seven gas stations in Oak Park are suing the village board. 

The village is trying to crack down on rising crime at, or around, gas stations overnight. 

Village officials passed a law last month mandating that gas stations close between midnight and 5 a.m. 


The village cited rising violent crime at these locations. 

After a temporary restraining order was approved by a Cook County Judge, seven Oak Park service stations can resume business as normal. 

Service station owners say the law could jeopardize agreements with fuel suppliers mandating that they stay open 24/7. 

Some residents say the law would be an inconvenience. 

"Now we have to go outside our area, some of us have to go to the city to use the gas station," said Oak Park business owner Willie Lane.

In a statement, lawyers representing the Oak Park gas station owners said in part:

"Our clients want to see criminal activity addressed just as much as any Oak Park resident, but there are far more alternatives that do not place their lives in jeopardy."

The Village of Oak Park declined to comment to FOX 32 on pending litigation.