Philly mom sends message to other parents after teen son accused in shooting turns himself in

A Philadelphia mother is speaking only to FOX 29 about the impact of gun violence in the city on her family after her son turned himself in accused of shooting another teen.

"I was shocked. I was really in shock. I couldn’t understand. I was in my feelings," mom Shina McPherson said.

This is not a moment she could have ever imagined, bringing her 15-year-old son into the Philadelphia Police 15th District accused of shooting and wounding another teen.

"Christian is a good child. He spoke his mind," McPherson said.


McPherson says in the weeks leading up to the shooting he wasn’t speaking his mind. His family says they have learned he was dealing with verbal and physical bullying at school, but at home he wasn’t talking about it

"He would just ask me mom can you rub my back, rub my shoulder," McPherson said.

His sister Sierra McPherson added, "He was trying to give us signs and signals that these things were going on but maybe he was too ashamed to tell us."

Philadelphia police say Christian Jackson turned himself in Sunday night and is facing serious charges, including attempted murder.

On Oct. 6 just before 3 p.m., police say they responded to Rosalie Street and Summerdale Avenue for a 15-year-old shot twice. Surveillance video shows three teens running down Summerdale Avenue. The victim slowly follows and appears to ask for help.

Online records show more than 150 children under 18 have been shot this year alone in Philly.

"I think when a child is trying to reach out adults need to listen it be a cry for help," McPherson said.

She adds she always felt her son could tell her anything. She encourages parents to be sure of that.

"When your child is talking to you listen. You want your kid to be able to talk to you about everything whether it’s the good or the bad because you can be a help."



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