Schiller Park woman survives after being trapped underneath awning for 10 hours

A woman survives after being trapped for ten hours underneath an awning in Schiller Park.

Firefighters believe the weight of the snow and ice caused the awning to collapse right on top of her. The woman was in the process of shoveling when she was trapped by her legs.

The Schiller Park fire chief says the woman is lucky to be alive. She went out to shovel around noon and by 10:15 Monday evening, a family member found her and called for help.

Even more terrifying, the woman did yell out for help, but her head was inside the awning so no one could hear her.


Fire crews used a pneumatic airbag to lift the awning up. The woman was freed in 10 minutes.

The woman was transported to Lutheran General Hospital with some injuries, but her condition has since stabilized.