Shorewood police add officers at schools for extra security, comfort after Texas school shooting

There are no threats at any local schools here, but Shorewood police are adding officers for a little extra security and comfort.

Shorewood police made the decision to pull specialty officers from the street to help maintain a presence at all area schools.  

They will be here all week in light of what happened Tuesday in Texas. 

They are not the only ones taking this action.

Joliet police also say they will have an increased marked police presence at all schools for the remainder of the year. 

Shorewood parents are happy to see the extra help.


"I noticed when I dropped my daughter off…I saw a cop, or police, standing by door which was nice, like comforting," said parent Julia Rife.

"There are no threats here, but we want to make our that our students and our parents and our faculty and staff all feel safe," said Phillip Arnold, Shorewood Police. 

The chief says this situation is not something we want to think about, but he wants his residents to know they are trained for all situations and are here to help.