Since Trump's election, fewer firearms being sold

FOX 32 NEWS - The gun industry supported Donald Trump for president with millions of dollars in campaign contributions. But since his election, ironically, big gunmakers have seen their stock prices plummet.

At R Guns in Carpentersville, the owner says that if Hillary Clinton had won last month, customers fearing new gun control laws would have completely cleaned out his inventory by now.

FOX 32: If Hillary Clinton had been elected, you would have sold every gun in this place?

“Absolutely. It would have just been pandemonium. Poof, gone!” said gun shop owner Roger Krahl.

Krahl estimates he's now selling only one-tenth the firearms he would have if Mrs. Clinton had won. She promised to push for "common sense" gun control laws. But Trump and the National Rifle Assn. claimed she was plotting to "destroy the second amendment," the part of the Constitution that deals with gun rights.

In a workshop behind his retail showroom, Krahl has several gunsmiths making AR 15-style firearms and other weapons. He now employs nine, down from a high of 15.

Krahl derisively labels President Barack Obama his "best salesman ever," because sales soared every time the president urged new gun control legislation. The day after the election of Trump, an outspoken foe of gun control, stock prices plummeted for Smith & Wesson, Sturm Ruger and other big gun makers. For his part, Krahl professes no regrets.

FOX 32: Sorry to see Trump win?

“No. Absolutely not,” krahl said.

FOX 32: It cost you business!

“It doesn't matter. I would rather see - it's good for our country. A lot of people forget that. It’s not necessarily what's good for me - what's good for our country,” Krahl said.

Voices on both sides of the issue expect guns will be a topic of legislation on Capitol Hill in D.C. and in Springfield, with a bill in the Illinois General Assembly expected to see the light of day as soon as next month.

Gun rights activists hope Springfield next month will legalize gun silencers in Illinois. The bill has already passed the house, and a senate committee has sent it the floor.