Thousands attend Amazon job fair on South Side

The unemployment rate may be low but thousands turned out today at a job fair hosted by online retailing giant Amazon.

The line stretched all the way down the block and around the corner, some people in suits, others in jeans and t-shirts, all looking for the same thing.

The job seekers filled a large helicopter hangar on the South Side, lining up to learn about different types of opportunities, and meeting face-to-face with Amazon career counselors.

Amazon is looking to fill 30,000 full and part-time jobs nationwide. And they say several hundred of those are here in the Chicago area.

"The turnout has honestly been amazing,” said Allison Leader, Amazon spokesperson. 

Leader says the idea is to give people information and job leads.

“And then they go home, they go on and they find those roles they talked about today, those teams, then they send in their applications,” said Leader.

Many at the job fair already have jobs, but are looking to upgrade.

"I'm already working as a business intelligence analyst,” said Anupan Sinha. “But I’m looking for a better prospect and I guess Amazon is the best place to be."

Emily Casey is looking to relocate from Florida.

“I have family in Chicago so I’m staying on their couch,” said Casey. 

A surprising number just don't want to stop working.

"I'm always ready to work,” one man said. “Always, always, always."