Thousands celebrate Independence Day in Burr Ridge

With temperatures soaring into the 80s, nothing beats the heat like a refreshing Italian ice. The annual Burr Ridge fireworks celebration drew thousands of attendees on Wednesday, offering a plethora of activities and treats for all ages.

Festival-goers indulged in classic fair foods such as funnel cake, Polish sausages, and cotton candy. The crowd was entertained by Uncle Bob, a nine-foot man on stilts, who amazed both children and adults with his towering presence and playful antics.

The event, known for its family-friendly atmosphere, featured numerous activities for children, including balloon animals, body painting, and a sea of bubbles. Burr Ridge Commissioner Tom Raschka surprised attendees when he took an unexpected plunge into the dunk tank during a live interview with FOX 32.

As families gathered, cousins Edwin and Julio were spotted in a heated game of dominos, showcasing the community spirit that defines the celebration.

The evening culminated in a spectacular 20-minute fireworks display, the highlight of the event, eagerly anticipated by many, including 9-year-old Colin, who watched in awe as the sky lit up in vibrant colors.