Two Good Samaritans stop suspect from taking off with child in suburban Chicago

Two Good Samaritans helped police rescue a child Tuesday in suburban Chicago.

John Farenzena says he and Rich Cameron were working outdoors when they heard a woman screaming. They saw a man with a child jump into a car and try to take off. Farenzena and Cameron grabbed a sledgehammer and a baseball bat and jumped in front of the car.

They risked their lives to prevent the suspect from leaving until police arrived and rescued the child.

“As it was happening, it was a spur of the moment thing. The screams of the mother for her child. I’m a father. I have a son that's roughly that age. I just figured, we're supposed to help people,” Farenzena said.

He says the police officers are the real heroes.

The suspect, 28-year-old Dylan Traynor, is the father of the child. He is charged with domestic battery, endangering the life of a child and resisting arrest.