UAW contract with Stellantis unveiled: Belvidere plant to reopen

Details of the newly unveiled United Auto Workers contract with Stellantis were disclosed on Thursday night, signaling significant developments, including the reopening of the long-shuttered Belvidere, Illinois plant.

"Members who remained in Belvidere will be put into temporary layoff, which will restore their access to sub and applicable health care until they have a job available in Belvidere. Our Belvidere members are coming home," said Shawn Fain, UAW President.

As part of the contract agreement, the Belvidere facility will focus on the production of a mid-sized truck and will also host an adjacent battery manufacturing facility. This move is expected to create thousands of job opportunities in the region.

Under the negotiated terms, both hourly and salaried employees will enjoy a 25 percent pay increase that incorporates cost-of-living adjustments. Furthermore, temporary workers will be eligible for conversion to full-time positions after nine months of employment.

In addition to the salary benefits, all union employees will receive a $5,000 ratification bonus along with an annual $500 bonus. What's more, for the first time in history, UAW members will have the option to lease Stellantis vehicles at discounted rates and will qualify for a new vehicle every year.

A reopening date for the Belvidere plant has not yet been announced.