United Airlines plane slides off runway at O'Hare airport due to snow storm

A United flight skidded off the runway in slippery conditions at O’Hare Airport Saturday afternoon. It happened around Noon as United Flight 656 was landing at O’Hare with 129 people on board. 

"And I was looking out the window and I’m like, this doesn’t look too clear and then all of a sudden!” said passenger Brianna Sweeney.

The plane slid a short distance off the runway into a snowbank. No one was hurt.

Ashley Packer was also on Flight 656.  “The captain came on and said, you know, please remain seated. Do not unbuckle. You need to stay where you’re at,” she said.

"He did a good job of controlling it. I thought, you know, my thing is with the ground crew. Man, they missed a spot,” said Ray Mac, another passenger on Flight 656.