Bears TE Jimmy Graham frustrated over league's proposed COVID testing policy

Chicago Bears TE Jimmy Graham

A Chicago Bears player who is vaccinated is frustrated with this year's proposed COVID-19 rules.

On Thursday, tight end Jimmy Graham criticized the league on social media.


Graham, who is already upset about the league adding a 17th game this season, has now taken aim at the National Football League Players Association’s COVID-19 testing policy and possible huge fines for any player, vaccinated or not, who misses any of the daily testing this season.

"I'm vaccinated," Graham said. "Now there's other rules. If you miss the testing, it's $150,000 dollars. How is this 100x what last year was? … What you're proposing is show up here every day, during my bye…and if I don't, I'm gonna be max fined…$150,000 dollars. It's absolutely insane."

Graham clarified it's the changing of the rules that has him upset. The rules are not official just yet. They are a proposal from the NFL Players Association. But Graham wanted to get ahead of it and express his frustrations.

Graham was also asked if any of the frustrations with the Players Association is giving him concerns about playing this season. He said no, and that he is going out there to score touchdowns.