Sister of man murdered by John Wayne Gacy held on to hope, kept checking Facebook for his name

”The only thing [the postcard] said – which I remember to this day – was ’Hey baby, I'll see you soon because I love ya! Wayne.' We got excited because we are thinking he was coming home for Christmas. And he never did," said his sister, Carolyn Sanders. “We've waited 45 years, not that we wanted it to end this way, or find out anything like this. He called my mom every month. When we didn't get the December ‘76 call, we knew something was amiss."

101-year-old woman adopts 19-year-old cat from animal shelter

Elderly animals typically have a harder time getting adopted, but when 101-year-old Penny decided to adopt a new cat, she found a "purr-fect" companion in Gus, a 19-year-old feline who had recently been surrendered to the animal shelter.