More Chicago mayoral endorsements come in for Vallas, Johnson

The Chicago mayoral runoff election is fast approaching and endorsements are steadily coming in for the candidates.

Candidate Brandon Johnson continues to receive key endorsements. Early Tuesday morning at Greater Harvest Baptist Church, a coalition of Black pastors and faith leaders announced their endorsement.

"We have to set up guarantees for fully funded neighborhood schools, reliable transportation, healthcare, jobs, making sure housing is affordable, a guaranteed access to an environment and a climate that is healthy and strong so that our children can drink the water and breathe the air," Johnson said.

Johnson also said that this is an incredible moment in the city's history.

Meanwhile, his opponent Paul Vallas is getting support from former Congressman Bobby Rush, who announced his endorsement this morning.


Vallas joined Rush and a group of protesters for an anti-violence march on the South Side.

"Bobby and I have talked about the need to have real community schools, the type of community schools that are open to the community through the dinner hour and on weekends and then over the summers," Vallas said. "Why should a campus like Gwendolyn Brooks be closed after 3:30 or 4:30? Why should it be closed on the weekends?

Rush said Vallas has the most significant, relevant experience and can move our city forward.

The early voting period opened in Chicago Monday with polling sports available in all 50 wards.