'The Masked Singer' double elimination: Prayers for Mantis, Gargoyle gets 'Gargboyled'

Pray for Mantis and Gargoyle because both were unmasked in the shocking "Battle of the Saved" night of season 9 of "The Masked Singer."

Last week, both contestants were saved using the ‘Ding Dong, Keep It On Bell’ – granting them another opportunity to compete on the show.

The new concept and major twist for Season 9 can save a masked singer from elimination by ringing the bell. 

Medusa, Gargoyle and Mantis, three contestants who were saved earlier this season battled it out to see whose voice wowed the judges and audience members the most but unfortunately, it was time for two of them to go home. 

Actor Lou Diamond Phillips managed to absolutely wow the audience with his reveal as Mantis more than he did with his singing ability. 

None of the judges were able to guess that Phillips was under the big green mask. Panelist Robin Thicke was sure it was Dennis Quaide, while Nicole Scherzinger said she was confident it was Steve Buscemi.

Phillips gave a "massive shoutout" to his daughter Indigo, who he said watches the show religiously and who motivated him to be a contestant. 

"It has been a joy to be on this show," Phillips said. 

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen was revealed to be Gargoyle leaving fans stone-faced. 

Allen said he grew up part of his church choir which helped him pursue a vocal career that landed him on the show. 

"I definitely always had a passion for it. I love singing," Allen said. 

Next week, it's the quarter-finals on "The Masked Singer." The show will be celebrating the coronation of King Charles III as the final four remaining singers Macaw, California Roll, UFO and Medusa compete in an epic battle for the semi-finals. 

"The Masked Singer" Season 9 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

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Stephanie Weaver contributed to this story.