New comedy featuring Jason Segel, Harrison Ford streaming on Apple TV+ this week

The creators of the hit comedy "Ted Lasso" have returned with their new comedy "Shrinking," which starts streaming on Apple TV+ this Friday.

The new series stars Jason Segel as a therapist who decides he’s going to start telling his clients what he really thinks of them – and Segel had the chance to star alongside legend Harrison Ford, who also plays a therapist on the series.

Segel spoke with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton about the new series – and his experience working with the big screen legend, Harrison Ford.

"He leads by example," Segel said. "He never gave me direct advice, ‘Here’s what you should do kid,’ but I watched and really paid attention. The first thing that he does is try to break through whatever awe you have of him and make sure you see him as a peer."


"Boy, what an amazing thing."

"Shrinking" starts streaming on AppleTV+ on Friday, Jan. 27.