12 Naperville businesses fined for underage tobacco sales

A dozen Naperville businesses have been caught selling tobacco to underage customers.

Right now, the minimum-age tobacco laws prohibit the sale of tobacco or alternative nicotine products to anyone under the age of 21.

Police said all Naperville retailers are given an education packet with the details and a notice that compliance checks would follow.


They said they checked 76 Naperville businesses to determine if retailers were complying with the laws.

Of those, a dozen businesses were failed and fined.

They are: 

  • Dr Lungzzz, 2728 W 75th St. #114
  • Food Plus, 351 E Bailey Rd
  • Mobil (Casey’s), 20 E Ogden Av
  • Mobil, 1280 W Ogden Av
  • SHO Mart, 1303 Plainfield-Naperville Rd
  • Smoke O Vapor, 686 S Route 59
  • Smoke XL, 1003A W Ogden Ave
  • Smokes N Vapes, 760 N Route 59 #108
  • Smokers Choice, 803 E Ogden Ave
  • Smoky Brothers, 2811 Patriots Ln #105
  • Speedway, 631 N Route 59
  • U Smoke, 931 E Ogden Ave