1,300 pound bison found in Illinois after escaping while being delivered to farm last year

Lake County Forest Preserve officials are working to have a 1,300 pound bison humanely removed from the Lakewood Forest Preserve in Wauconda.

According to officials, the bison escaped while it was being delivered to a farm in Wauconda last year. It is believed to have settled at Lakewood Forest Preserve in April.

"The goal is to have the farm animal removed by Memorial Day weekend when preserve attendance traditionally increases," said John Tannahill, director of public safety at the Lake County Forest Preserves. "The safety of our users and the animal is our No. 1 priority. Bison, is considered domestic livestock, therefore a forest preserve is not an appropriate home."

The bison's owner is working with forest preserve ranger police to lure the animal with food into a barn — that way it can be enclosed and taken home.


Fines could be issued to the bison's owner, if the bison is not removed.

Do not approach the animal if seen.

Anyone who has any information about the bison should immediately contact the Lake County Forest Preserve Ranger Police.