2nd job scam victim comes forward after FOX 32 special report

It has happened again.

After our special report Wednesday night on a scam involving job seekers, another woman reached out to FOX 32 to say she fell for it, too.

These scammers ultimately want your money. They send a big check, ask you to cash it and then you pay them back the cost of your flight to Pittsburg and any training related expenses.

They didn't get money from either of the women FOX 32 interviewed, but it cost one of the women much more. She quit her job before she realized the one she was pursuing was a fraud.

A woman from the western suburbs who doesn't want to be identified, and Lakisha Cowans who we introduced you to previously, don't know each other but they share a similar story.

Both had high hopes for a career opportunity with Kraft Heinz that they found on the job search website, “Indeed.”

The latest victim, much like Lakisha, has an impressive resume and had just finished some extra training courses.

Some email correspondence led to a phone interview and later a job offer came in the mail.    

Next came a check in the mail.

“The check was around $8300, the offer was for the materials supervisor position, they offered $108,000,” the latest victim said.

It was a salary she couldn't turn down. The check, she was told, was supposed to cover expenses for the new job training. That itinerary was on its way, they said.

“I send my manager an email and say with a heavy heart, I’m really sorry, but that's a lot of money and I have two in college,” she said.

Excited, and ready for the new gig, she deposited that check and waited for her training schedule.

“As soon as I saw that invoice, I said holy crap, I have just ruined my opportunity here at this job and because I submitted my resignation, and I’m screwed,” she said.

She was able to put a stop to the check, but the damage to her career was already done.

“I broke down, ashamed, embarrassed, I feel duped, stupid, you feel it all,” she said.

A rep at the real Kraft Heinz corporate office told the woman he's gotten other calls about the job posting on “Indeed,” and confirmed it is a scam.

“Indeed” asked the victim for a copy of the posting. She sent it and never heard from them again.

They told FOX 32 they have a variety of techniques to review job advertisements, but wouldn't explain how they vet them.