A town and sky filled with balloons in honor of boy who died

A blue sky filled with a rainbow of balloons would have been a dream come true for two-year-old Noah Munn. His parents Bryan and LaShea Munn remember their son's love for balloons.

"He wouldn't go into a car without his balloons. He had to have them," said LaShea Munn.

"He always said "bamoons"? He had his own little language," said Bryan Munn.

The Munns were forced to say goodbye to their energetic toddler after he passed away suddenly. "He was always running around, smiling and happy. Always getting into things," said Bryan.

Noah had just turned two.

The family was planning on celebrating his birthday with a balloon themed bash on Jan. 7th.

"He always had two balloons in his hands always flopping them around," said Bryan.

But that never happened, the day before the party Noah's grandfather and dad tucked him into bed as usual. "So I grabbed him and put him in his crib and told him I loved him," said Bryan.

Sadly, Noah never woke up. "This is the most unimaginable. It's the most painful thing you can ever go through in your life," said LaShea.

"He was so healthy I mean that's' what makes it hard," said Bryan.

After the community found out about the Noah's death, they came together.

Even those who didn't know the Munns. "We have people in different states sending us videos of them releasing balloons people we don't even know," said Bryan.

The Munns said Noah's loved was contagious and the little time he was on earth he made a difference. Family, friends and even strangers tied colorful balloons throughout the quaint town in memory of Noah.

"It brought us peace to know that he touched so many people and it wasn't just us, people don't know him. The community has done more than we imagined them doing words can't describe how much it means to us," said LaShea.

At the funeral family and friends released hundreds of balloons.

At one point caught on cell phone video, an orb can be seen or possibly a sun flare.

However, the Munns believe that was a sign from Noah.

"That's Noah catching all the balloons. He's looking down on us right now. I know he's running around up in heaven and running with his balloons," said Katrina Itz Noah's aunt.

The Munns had a message to all parents to always cherish ever moment because you truly never know when that will be the last time you will see them. "I told him 'I love him' and those were the last words I said to him. I couldn't imagine going to bed mad at him. Never go to bed mad at your kids kiss them and tell them you love them no matter what," said Bryan.

The Munns said that even though there currently isn't an answer to why or how a perfectly healthy and happy toddler dies suddenly they know those answers won't bring him back.

"If you ask why us why him it will tore you apart," said LaShea.

They said it gave them some closure to know that Noah died peacefully in his sleep and that anytime they see a balloon they'll always think of Noah.

The family has started a GoFundMe to help with expenses.