Advocacy groups criticize Chicago Public Schools for handling of Hispanic students

Advocacy groups are calling out Chicago Public Schools for their handling of Hispanic students, giving the district a failing grade.

WirePoints, a nonprofit organization, collected data that has revealed concerning findings.

According to the data, at Benito Juarez High School, only 46 out of 1,700 students perform math at grade level, and just 70 students read at grade level. The organization also found that only 17% of Hispanic students could read at grade level, and a mere 12% were proficient in math in 2022.

Surprisingly, despite these statistics, 84% of students graduated.


In response, CPS issued a statement, saying, "As 2022 academic scores were reported last fall, we saw that our scores were consistent with other large urban districts. We remind our community that these scores reflect pandemic challenges, not the talent and potential of our students and staff."

Advocates argue that these findings highlight significant disparities in educational outcomes for Hispanic students within the district. They are urging CPS to take immediate action to address these gaps and provide better support for Hispanic students, ensuring equal access to quality education and opportunities for success.