Affy Tapple marks 75 years of delicious tradition

Affy Tapple, the beloved purveyor of caramel apples, is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

What began as a small shop on Clark Street in 1948 has now grown into a thriving enterprise with a factory located in Niles. Today, these iconic Michigan apples, generously coated in caramel and peanuts, are available in stores across the nation and can even be ordered online.

For decades, the Kastrup family stewarded Affy Tapple, but in 2017, it changed hands when Brandon Beavers and his mother, Josephine, acquired the company. Their decision to purchase Affy Tapple was an easy one, as these caramel apples had long been a cherished treat within their family.

"If you've grown up in Chicago, you've got to know about Affy Tapples," Josephine Beavers said.

Business is thriving, with the factory operating at impressive capacities. Plant manager Abe Esquivel reveals some staggering statistics: the factory produces a whopping 350,000 apples daily, requiring 20 tons of caramel and a staggering nine-million peanuts. In fact, the operation churns out nine apples every second.

According to Brandon Beavers, the secret to their success is freshness.

"We start with the most fresh ingredients. We're getting these apples direct from the orchard. There is no other processing that takes place other than the washing and cleaning," he said.

To mark this significant milestone, Affy Tapple is hosting a $5000 sweepstakes and a Family Fun Day on Saturday, October 7th, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, at The Affy Tapple Factory Store, located at 7425 N. Croname Road in Niles. Additionally, companies can enter a raffle for a chance to win a special delivery of Affy Tapple for everyone in their office.