Airbnb owner shocked to return home and find house packed, being used for music video

Everyone enjoys watching a movie or TV show being filmed, but not when it's happening in their home without their permission.

That's the shocking outcome for a southwest suburban man who rented his condo on Airbnb. Airbnb is now investigating what went wrong.

"I never expected something like this to go ahead and happen. It's just kinda out of the clear blue,” said Brian Reynolds.

Like thousands of homeowners, Reynolds occasionally lists his one-bedroom condo in Chicago Ridge on Airbnb. A woman booked it for May 31st, saying she was in town for a graduation party.

"I have a maximum of two people who can be here. And I get a phone call from my neighbor and he says 'you maybe need to check out what's going down at your place,'” Reynolds said.

Reynolds raced over to his condo and found the parking lot filled with cars and film production trucks.

"I walked through my front door, they had food catering, a bunch of cast members out there. My front door was open half way so I walked in and my whole place was filled. About 30 people in there. I couldn't believe it. I've never had that many people in my place,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds says it was also filled with cameras, lights and film equipment. He said they had been filming in his shower and his bedroom, making him suspicious they were shooting porn.

"They said they had one more scene left to go ahead and film. They said it would take 45 minutes. I said no, you guys gotta get out of here. My neighbors are outside. And I had to look out for their safety first and foremost,” Reynolds said.

After kicking everyone out of his condo, Reynolds says he called Airbnb to report the incident. He says they did an investigation but he's not happy about the outcome.

The company texted Reynolds that: "...the content reported as being filmed in your listing is not a violation of our terms of service."

But when FOX 32 called Airbnb, a spokesman told us the guest: "(Violated) our terms of service. Listings should never be used for commercial purposes without a host's permission."

Airbnb says its investigation determined the film crew was shooting a music video.

"I've got pictures of my family up and whatnot and I don't want this popping up anywhere on the internet” Reynolds said. “It's definitely a violation of my privacy."