Animal rescue farm in Grayslake looking for donations to help care for nearly 100 animals

An animal rescue farm in Grayslake has an abundance of furry creatures to love, but is lacking the resources to care for them.

The rescue said donations have dipped since the start of the pandemic. 

Kamins Farm Sanctuary hosts one of a kind events for local families to enjoy, but as of late, attendance has been down.

"It's really nice that it's really different from other animal experiences," said Grayslake residents Katie and Jack Perkins.

"We have a mini horse named Leon…He's very tiny, but very much a stallion horse," said volunteer Kristen Lanzerotti. We've got Capone, who is a mini donkey. Every animal has a unique story."

Five years ago, Kate Kamins started the nonprofit, Kamins Farm Sanctuary. It began with two goats, and is now home to 99 animals.

"Growing up, we had all kinds of animals, and my mom unknowingly ran a rescue farm where we just took in kind of all of the misfit animals, so it was instilled in my heart from very young to take care of the underdogs," said Kamins.


Each month, the animals ring up more than a $9,000 tab in food and veterinary expenses. 

So, Kamins and her crew host one-of-a-kind events, such as goat yoga, ballet in the barn and goat cuddles — which are also offered daily. 

However, the pandemic has taken a toll on fundraising efforts.

Once sold out events are not not as heavily attended.

The farm needs help, and Kamins is hoping you'll spread the word about the magical land of misfits, who love visitors, big and small.

"That's what we're trying to foster is just a community of people who stick together and are a family for these animals that wouldn't have had a family," said Kamins.

To make a date with Leon the mini horse and all of his friends, you can visit