Apollo Chorus of Chicago combines history with harmony

If you were to stumbled into the Merit School of Music on a Monday night, you’d be witnessing Chicago history.

The Apollo Chorus of Chicago – the city’s oldest music group – is rehearsing for their next great show.

There’s 144 years of tradition in this room and while a lot can change over a century and a half, a lot can stay the same too.

Stephen Altop is only the ninth music director in the chorus’ 144 year history.

And while he understands the benefit of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” he also knows that a new generation means new music.

From “The Bells” to The Beatles, from the Auditorium Theatre to the Chicago Sympthony, the Apollo Chorus has found musical magic in the unique combinations of a generation’s worth of sounds.

The chorus is now gearing up to bring Broadway to Chicago – this weekend’s performance of “Apollo on Broadway” will feature the classic showtunes you know and love.

Because if these folks know anything – it’s history. I guess it helps when you have some yourself.