Artist creates image of Solider Field containing names of every single Bears player ever

(Photo credit: Dan Duffy)

Dan Duffy, an artist from Philadelphia, created an image of Soldier Field using nothing but the names of more than 1,600 Bears players over the years in honor of the team’s 100th season.

The image took 200 hours to complete and contains exactly 1,683 names of Bears players from 1920 to 2018. 

“Chicago is one of the great sports towns in the country,” Duffy said in a press release. “From Mike Ditka to Walter Payton to Brian Urlacher, it has been home to some of football’s biggest heroes. Plus, there aren’t many teams that get to celebrate 100 years, so I wanted to make sure to pay tribute to this great franchise.” 

A full gallery of his work can be found by clicking here