Artist's giant 'potty chair' doesn't sit well with neighbors

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A Polk County artist is in the middle of a large project, but not all of his neighbors are flush with enthusiasm.

The 24-foot-tall sculpture rises above most of the other neighborhood structures from Steven Chayt's back yard.

"It's a potty chair," he explained.

That's right -- a 24-foot potty chair.

"In 1992, I had an idea for a chair," he continued.  "It was a sculpture that sort of came to me.  I put together a model and waited quite a few years until I got a chance to do something more about it."

That time is now, and with the permission of the county, he's going ahead with the project.

"We applied for a permit we were issued the permit," he said.  "We were all very excited."

Some residents don't think their neighborhood is the best venue for the project.

"I would not build a potty chair in my backyard. You drive in, the first thing you see is a 24-foot-tall potty chair, it just doesn't fit," offered James Barfield III.  "There's a community where people live and where their children play, it should be preserved in some right."

Chayt says he's still working on the sculpture and hopes would-be critics wait until it's done before passing judgement.  But either way, they may want to get used to it -- or pony up.

"I'll only move it if someone wants to buy it," he added.