Aurora gets fireworks complaints 'from all over the city', eyes tougher penalties

In west suburban Aurora, complaints about illegal fireworks are skyrocketing.

The city says it is going to get tough on illegal fireworks ahead of next year, raising ticket fines and adding jail time. 

Most firework complaints were reported during the holiday weekend, according to the Aurora Beacon News.

Right now, the ticket for using illegal fireworks is $250.


Some Aurora residents told council members that the fireworks damaged homes, scared senior citizens and traumatized pets.

Mayor Richard Irvin said he would release actual numbers eventually, but that "this year it seemed to be worse."

He said he hopes the department can come up with a law that can also be a model for other municipalities where illegal fireworks are a problem.

"I want Aurora to take a lead," Irvin said. "The aldermen are asking what are we going to do about it. It’s time to answer that question."

Aurora did not report any major injuries from fireworks this year.