Back of the Yards students receive $10K grant, will attend Youth Business Summit after creating company

A huge recognition for students at Richards Career Academy in Back of the Yards. Their entrepreneurship team received a $10,000 grant to attend the Youth Business Summit.

The Richards team is one of only four student groups in the country to receive the grant.

The high school juniors and seniors on the team are all expected to be the first students to attend college in their families. They will travel to New York City in mid-April to participate.


"Just like we have trade shows in the real world, they're going to be trading their pretend businesses and products and services with other students from around the country and around the world," said Wendy Schmitt, Midwest Regional Director of Virtual Enterprises International, the educational non-profit that’s hosting the event.

Richards Career Academy students were awarded in part for the virtual company they created and are running from their classroom.