Bailey at Illinois State Fair calls for voters to 'fire JB Pritzker'

Down at the state fair in Springfield, it was the GOP's turn.

Wednesday was Democrat Day, and on Thursday, Republicans had their chance to shine.

Republicans gathered on the fairgrounds with the theme of "Restore Illinois."


Lots of Republican leaders spoke, leading up to the man at the top of their ticket — Darren Bailey who's running for governor.

He called Chicago a once great city that's now a hellhole. He also accused Democrats of being corrupt and said Republicans need to fix the state of Illinois.

"Our home is in trouble thanks to fat cat leaders like Joe Biden and JB Pritzker. You can't clear a field of weeds if you don't pull them out by the roots, friends. And the only way to fix Illinois is to fire JB Pritzker and get the problems out by the roots," Bailey said.

Gov. Pritzker and Bailey will meet for at least two statewide debates before voters head to the polls. Those debates are currently set for October 4 and 11.

The general election is just under three months away.