Bitter cold continues throughout the Chicago area, and some love it

FOX 32 NEWS - Despite the cold in the Chicago area, some people actually ventured outside to enjoy the day and night.

The Lombard Park District lights up Lilacia Park during the holidays, and only the brave came out Monday to walk among the dancing lights.

"I think it's beautiful, I'm so happy to do this finally,” said Susan Miller.

In weather like this, the National Weather Service says if you have exposed skin in these elements, all it takes is 30 minutes for frostbite to set in. that's why layers are the only way to keep the cold from getting through.

For others, the cold isn't really cold enough.

“This is summer in Minnesota where I come from,” one person said while laughing.

Hudson the polar bear at Brookfield Zoo may agree. Thirteen degrees is like summer for him, and polar bears can handle temps down to the negative thirties.

“We're taking extra precautions with all of our animals to make sure that all of our outdoor animals are tolerating the cold well and everyone else in nestled warmly inside,” said Dr. Mike Adkesson, VP of Clinical Medicine Brookfield Zoo.

For animals that can handle the cold, they're given the option to go in and out as they please.

Certain animals enjoy taking in the freezing temperatures.

"Many of our animals here actually like this weather far more than we do. Our polar bears, snow leopards, bison, our Mexican gray wolves, we've got a number of animals who actually enjoy this kind of weather,” Dr. Adkesson said.

At least someone is enjoying it...