Boat capsizes on Lake Michigan amid sudden weather change in Chicago

A dramatic rescue ensued after a boat capsized on Lake Michigan in Chicago Tuesday night, as the area experienced a sudden change in the weather in just a matter of minutes.

The weather shifted quickly, and the small sailboat capsized into Lake Michigan right off of 31st Beach, enduring the battering force of the waves. Thankfully, all individuals on board were successfully rescued.

When asked about the incident, local boater John Stepney mentioned how beginners can be caught off guard by the fast-changing conditions.


"When I came out earlier, it was no wind and the lake was pretty flat. It looked like glass coming in from around the museum. Those are nice days to be out," Stepney said, emphasizing the stark contrast in weather conditions.

The weather phenomenon responsible for the sudden change is called a "pneumonia front." Suburban Waukegan dropped 10 degrees in just 10 minutes, leaving residents surprised by the swift temperature drop.

"I thought it was summer until about 30 minutes passed. It’s about time to make it home in a minute," said Chicago biker Lamont Jackson.

"It's definitely time to go put a jacket on," said biker Jabray Carter, as the temperature in Chicago rapidly dropped from 80 degrees to 74 degrees within minutes. A little over an hour later, it reached 58 degrees, accompanied by strong wind gusts unleashed by the cold front sweeping over Lake Michigan.

The cold front is expected to persist through Wednesday.