Chicago weather: 'Pneumonia Front' brings sudden temperature drop, but what's ahead?

A "Pneumonia Front" on Tuesday night is making temperatures plummet across Chicago in a matter of minutes.

As the evening sets in, temperatures will rapidly drop across the Chicago region, particularly in areas near the lake. Some locations will experience a significant decrease of 15 to 20 degrees in just a matter of minutes.

While this may sound dramatic, it won't be as extreme as it sounds once the front passes. However, it will still be noticeably cooler compared to the current pleasant weather, with temperatures tonight falling into the upper 40s. Skies will be mostly clear to partly cloudy.

Moving on to Wednesday, expect a sunny day, but with much cooler temperatures. Highs will reach the low to mid 60s, providing a refreshing change from the recent warm conditions.


Thursday brings more pleasant weather with abundant sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures, reaching the mid 70s.

On Friday, rain showers will make a return to the area, but it won't be a complete washout. Plan for highs around 70 degrees as you prepare for some wet weather.

Fortunately, the weekend is looking promising, as it shapes up to be delightful with plenty of sunshine and highs ranging from the low to mid 70s.

Stay tuned for further updates on the weather, and make the most of the upcoming sunny days ahead!