Boy who battled brain tumor surprised by favorite Bears player

One day after their biggest victory of the season, the Bears scored another win Monday off the field.

The Bears and Advocate Health Care threw a holiday surprise party for a young fan who's been battling serious health problems.

There was a standing ovation for 15-year-old Luke Vugrin of Oak Lawn, who arrived at Advocate Christ Medical Center thinking he was just there to have some bloodwork done.

"I started seeing this line of people and then I see the sign that says Vugrin family and I'm like, oh this is for me! Pretty cool,” Vugrin said.

About a year ago, doctors discovered a tumor buried deep inside Luke’s brain. Surgeons were able to remove the tumor, but Luke continues to suffer from serious side effects.

"He's had a tough year. A very tough year. So I think this is going to be very special for him,” said nurse Laura Burokas,” said nurse Laura Burokas.

Luke, his mom and three siblings then boarded a bus waiting outside the hospital and arrived a short time later at Soldier Field for a personal tour a Bears fan could only dream of.

Sure enough, inside the bears clubhouse Luke headed straight to his favorite player's locker – Tarik Cohen -- for some pictures.

And then an even better surprise on the field. Waiting to greet Luke as he walked out the tunnel was rookie running back Tarik Cohen.

Cohen then took Luke for a shopping spree at the Bears store, including a number 29 jersey and helmet -- both autographed, of course.

And then Luke went upstairs for lunch with Cohen in a Bears skybox.

"I knew this was going to be a big surprise. And I was so excited for Luke, but I didn't know it was going to be all of this. This is incredible,” said Luke’s mom, Gina Vugrin.

"They ask you who's your favorite player. And you don't always meet that player. So it was pretty cool meeting Tarik today,” Luke said.

Cohen says it's not a one-time deal.

"Anytime he's going through something hard he can reach out and I'll always be there for him,” Cohen said.